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Is Religion And Spirituality Different: A Contrast Of The Two Concepts

The concepts of religion and spirituality can be quite confusing and are often misconstrued as being synonymous. While there is an element of similarity found within these two topics - a deeper understanding of oneself in alignment with an external force - there are various differences that should be identified. This article will help contrast religion and spirituality by looking at the traditional components of religion: doctrine or beliefs; rituals or ceremonies; and morality or sets of laws. It is through this article that you can answer the question of is religion and spirituality different. 1. The doctrine versus experience All religions present with a specific doctrine or set of teachings which the followers believe in.

Astrology And Financial Matters – Is There A Connection?

Have you often wondered about the financial decisions that you are making, contemplating whether you are making the right ones? If you have been trying for many years to get ahead financially, but the choices that you have made have not lead you to financial freedom, it might be time to consider a different course of action. You may have financial advisors that work for your company, or if you are an individual, perhaps your accountant has offered some of their sage advice. One method that many people are using more than ever before is financially focused astrology insight , an ancient esoteric methodology that uses the positioning of the stars and planets in the sky, as well as the date of your birth, in order to make financial decisions.

Can Astrology Guide Career Choices – You Decide

You have probably seen horoscopes in the local paper, guidelines for what you want to do that particular day. It could be an invigorating prognosis, one that motivates you to do something you probably have it done before. In a way, they were still is a guideline, an outside attempt of individuals that are using something called astrology, to help people find their way using a pathway devised the radically by the stars. Here is an overview of what you can expect if you're going to start looking to astrology for not only having fun, but finding a way to improve your overall career.

Origin Of The Zodiacs: A History of Chinese Astrology

The Mythological History Of The Zodiac The Chinese legend begins with either Buddha or the Jade Emperor, but it really depends on who tells you the story. As with most legends, the versions vary. Some say that either the emperor or buddha summoned all of the animals of the known universe for a race amongst them or a banquet, again depending on the storyteller. Then the 12 animals of the Zodiac all headed on a journey to the emperors palace, and the order in which they arrived at the palace determined the order of the Zodiac calendar. During their journey to visit the emperor, these 12 animals got involved in everything from high jinx to heroism.

The Basics Of Tarot

Also referred to as tarot cards, these are playing cards that are used by people that can help divine the future. There are 78 cards in total, four suits, and an additional card called The Fool. In this sense, it is similar to a 52 card deck with a joker that is commonly used with playing cards today. It originated from the 15th century, and has been used by occultists ever since. These cards are used by many practitioners to help people make decisions in their life. Based upon the cards that are dealt, and interpretation can be made. Let's take a look at what tarot is, how the cards are interpreted, and why this might be important in your life.

Past Life Regression – An Insight?

Many people But these dreams can become very detailed, and very emotional, prompting many people to consider the possibility that we are actually experiencing memories from a life once lived. In order to discern whether or not this is true, we will go through what is called past life regression therapy. What Is Past Life Regression Therapy? Past life regression therapy is where you set an appointment with a trained psychologist or psychiatrist that is able to put you into a deep trance. Without using suggestive commands, they are capable of getting you to remember what might be a past life.

What Are Spiritual Churches

Spiritual churches are Christian churches based around the feeling of spirit, and participate in services performed by a medium, or spirit guide. These churches look like any other church and are found all across the nation, and are often depicted as satanic or pagan because of the stigma that spirituality is just that. However, the stigma is wrong; mediums practice an important role in the church and are given the utmost respect.  Mediums are people with the gift to speak to the dead or spirits that remain collected in the atmosphere or surrounding guests. These gifted people often connect with the living to offer some peace between the passageways of life and death – and thus communicate a greater understanding than simply heaven and hell – while teaching guests that most spirits are concerned with not atoning for something that happened during their waking life.

Vedic Astrology And Tamil Tradition


What Is Vedic Astrology And How Is Tamil Astrology Connected Tamil Astrology tradition is part of the Vedic Astrology. Tamil Astrology is said to be extremely affective and accurate. This article will talk about the that Astrology tradition, its benefits and how the astrology can improve your life. The Asian Tamil Astrology tradition is a type of Science that tries to explain the reason behind the deeply rooted bond between human beings and the celestial bodies. Tamil Astrology is said to be extremely affective and accurate. This article will talk about the that Astrology tradition, its benefits and how the astrology can improve your life.

How Is Celtic Astrology Different

Is Celtic Astrology Better Than traditional Astrology One characteristic of the Celtics that stand out is their profound knowledge of Astrology. The Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Greeks are all known to have taken special interest in studying the skies and the movement of the heavenly objects. These traditions informed what is collectively referred to as the modern astrology. However, the Celtic Tribes particularly the Druids are renowned for their wisdom including astrology. The Druids came up with what is known as the Celtic Astrology. Like other Astrological beliefs, the Celtic Astrology is based on the belief that the time of your birth determines your character and personality.

How Can Relationships Benefit From Lovers Astrology

Love astrology horoscopes are used to determine what lucks in the future of people in a relationship. Love astrology uses the driving principle of people and relation of different environmental forces. People driving principle are established from the solar system influences and prediction that are based on cosmic forces. Many people have found it necessary use astrology in solving relationship problems. The first one is through compatibility matches and the second one is through prediction of the various variations in human behaviors due to cosmic variations. How Can Love Astrology Help Relationships Problems Through Compatibility Matches ? Through the quest of astrologers to determine the fundamental behavioral blocks of every individual, they come up with a future patterns.